eTv Africa Journey To Launch

eTv Africa journey started as a dream to see Africa with a TV that African's are proud to be part of as their Home Of Entertainment. The journey which I actually wished to have started many years ago came as a vision and a dream in the year 2020 and that was to create a platform that will show content produced by African's for all in Africa and the World to enjoy, learn from and discover what Africa has to offer.

As months went by, research was conducted. Planning was done, Budgets allocated and testing was conducted. Eventually a workable formula was developed and today as I write this blog post I can assure and confirm that if every bit of what was planned for is put together without any glitches and challenges then from the 1st of January 2021 Africa will witness the birth of an online TV that we will know as The Home Of Africa's Entertainment.

We are a few days from 2021 now and we are looking forward to launch on 1 January 2021 with the first 6 (six) months mainly dedicated to the live environment testing and during this period we will be improving some aspects of the platform. As we will be doing a live testing of the platform from January to June 2021 we will also be providing FREE access to the TV viewing for all channel programming and some Live streaming events and shows. 

We are happy to have come this far and we hope that all viewers in Africa and around the World will find our platform suitable for your entertainment needs. We also hope that you as our viewers will support all content producers and Africa's talent that will be showcased on all our channels.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards


eTv Africa 

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